Ever felt that you failed to crack a particular examination just because of a simple act of carelessness? Ever felt that you could have avoided a mistake altogether if you had paid a little more attention to a particular question? Sometimes, the person ahead of you in rank is not necessarily there because he/she scored better, but it could be because you failed to avoid some of the most common mistakes. Painful, we know, but very accurate. It happens to all of us.

NEET is a medical entrance exam organized by NTA (National Testing Agency) which has a set of 180 questions amounting to 720 marks. Also, there is negative marking in place. Hence it becomes all the more essential to avoid mistakes which can result in losing out on precious marks. NEET Coaching helps the medical aspirants understand what all aspects they need to cover and how elementary errors can be avoided due to carelessness.

Preparation, rigorous study, discipline, and the right amount of rest are a mixture of things required for preparing for medical entrance exams the right way. Taking medical coaching makes you familiar with some of the do’s and don’ts of NEET exam. However, we are here to discuss how certain silly mistakes can be avoided, thereby missing out on scoring those numbers which we very much deserve.

Here are some common mistakes we can avoid to help crack the impending exam:

Not Focusing On The Question At Hand: Often it so happens that we are done answering one question and move to the next, but in our minds, we are still meandering over the previous question, wondering about the answers, and if there could be a better solution to it. Don’t! Once you are done answering one question, move on. To help remove distractions, breathe! Maintaining rhythmic breathing helps you focus on the matter at hand (In this case, the question at hand).

Improper Time Management: So many questions, so little time! Time can be quite an intimidating factor given that so much is at stake. If not timed perfectly, we risk the danger of running out of time and missing out on attempting all the questions. Some questions are bound to be left out. So, it becomes all the more important to time each question perfectly, and not to spend more than that amount of stipulated time on a particular question.

Wrong Answering Sequence: Usually, the candidates prefer answering the Biology section first, followed by Chemistry or Physics. However, this can be a calculated error. Students believe that if they answer Biology first, which is fairly easier (and a favorite), they can get to the more difficult sections later. However, this might not work too well for each student. So, it is suggested that the candidates not start with attempting the ‘favourite’ subject first, as that can take up a lot of time, and leave less time for the more complicated sections.

Not Reading Questions Properly: Reading everything helps. It keeps you informed. Right from the instructions page, till the end of the last page, everything should be read carefully. Read again, if time permits. That way, you will be clear about the instructions, and avoid any simple mistakes that could be caused by misinformation, or lack thereof.

There are also many NEET coaching programs which set the base for the students in garnering his/her talents in the right direction. All in all, proper practice and discipline is the order of the day. But, studying all by ourselves won’t help much. AIIMS/NEET Medical Coaching programmes offered by Reynott Academy provide a definitive path on how to go about the preparatory process.

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