When it comes to JEE and NEET exam, practice is the key to success. Learning concepts and memorizing formulas won’t help a student succeed in these exams until an ample amount of time is devoted to practice. And with competition in JEE and NEET getting tougher every year, it becomes all the more essential for students to prepare well and practice a lot.

These days, teachers at engineering and medical coaching centres put a lot of emphasis on practicing mock tests and rightly so. These tests are considered an integral part of JEE and NEET coaching. Engineering and medical aspirants are advised to take as many mock tests as possible.

So, how exactly do mock tests help? What difference do they make to overall preparation? And can these tests really improve the performance of a student in JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams?

Understand your weaknesses (and overcome them!)

Even the brightest of students have chinks in their armors. While some students get stuck at tricky questions, others tend to lose track of time while solving complex equations. Lamentably, many students are unable to gain clarity on their strengths and weaknesses until they sit for the real exam. Mock tests serve the important purpose of helping students identify their weaknesses and overcome them in a timely way.

Manage time in the exam

Managing time properly during the exam is of crucial importance. Every student must know how much time he is going to spend on each question. Mock tests help students learn how to solve questions within a set time frame. Moreover, practicing mock tests is a great way to improve speed and reduce the time taken to solve questions.

Create an exam strategy

Students who succeed in JEE Main, NEET and other entrance exams always know how they are going to approach the exam. Mock tests help students devise their own exam strategies. When you practice a mock test, you get an idea as to which questions should be attempted first and which ones should be taken up later. Mock tests also familiarize you with the format of the questions, making it easier for you to formulate the best exam strategy.

Gain more confidence

It may sound a bit over-the-top but taking mock tests can help you gain more confidence. Solving mock tests in exam-like conditions prepares you well for JEE and NEET exams. Taking the real exam may not look so intimidating if you have practiced a lot of mock tests. It also helps you analyze where you stand in NEET or JEE preparation vis-a-vis other medical and engineering aspirants.

Whether you are preparing for JEE Main exam to be held in April 2019 or NEET 2019 exam, practicing mock tests is essential to achieve success in entrance exams. Mock tests are an integral part of NEET and JEE coaching provided by Reynott Academy in Jalandhar.

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